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Biometric Technologies

Biometric readers are the most proven technology to eliminate fraudulent employee practices such as buddy punching and also “forgetting their badge”. Additionally, the recurring costs associated with badge supplies and the administrative time required to generate those badges are reduced or eliminated altogether. Considering the impact of these factors on operating and payroll expenses, biometric terminals offer a very clear return on investment, usually returning their dollars paid on investment within the first year of deployment.

Biometric Readers do not compromise an individual’s privacy and liberty. The hand and finger readers i2 Security offers do not store a picture of your employees’ hands or prints, and could never reproduce an image for identification or investigative purposes. The hand punches take measurements of the physical characteristics of an employee’s hand such as the length and height of fingers. The fingerprint readers identify distinguishing characteristics within a given fingerprint and use that data to generate a template for comparison.

Biometric Readers can be mixed and matched with other card technology readers for purposes of time & attendance or access control punch collection.

HandPunch1000E 3100_finger_reader
HP3000 Biometric Hand Reader IT3100 Fingerprint Reader

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