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Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)

Radio Frequency technology is used commonly everyday in the form of E-ZPass systems on the nation’s toll roads and in driveways for the purpose of opening garage doors. The ID portion of this technology refers to the tag or transponder having an identification number that ties it back to a software head end for purposes of tracking, authorizing and/or collecting payment from the owner of the tag.

While the technology is not new, the applications use is now more prevalent in the parking control environment because the tag read range has increased along with the speed (throughput) in which it can be read and processed. Also, pricing for RFID tags has dropped substantially in recent years.

Two best fit scenarios for our customers include:

  • Gated communities- Residents avoid fumbling for cards and access remains with the vehicle
  • Parking Garages- In areas where fast throughput is essential, regular parkers such as employees & pre-paid monthly parkers (can be tied in to access and revenue system) RFID makes sense

In applications such as public parking, RFID is used in combination with other technologies. An example is when revenue is being collected and credit cards are the credential used for access and payment by customers while RFID is being used by employees.


Picture of RFID Scenario

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