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Design & Consulting Services

i2 Security has over 25 years experience in parking security and parking revenue control applications. In our experiences, it is common that an end user, consultant or General Contractor will not have the full knowledge required to identify operational requirements of a job and match it to today’s available technology while considering code requirements, integration of sub-systems, legacy systems to be included, etc.

We offer our expertise & services including:

  • Ability to consider current traffic patterns and the nature of parkers (resident, transient, paid, etc) and consider the effect in lane equipment and revenue collection options will have on traffic flow
  • Provide design CAD drawings for Request for Proposal (RFP) operational specification services, if applicable
  • Be the General Contractor with responsibility for electrical, concrete work and pulling permits, when applicable

In some situations, our services can be absorbed in to our price once we receive the contract.

Design and Consulting Services