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Today, turnstiles are more than a security barrier or head counter and are made to fit in with any building décor. When used in conjunction with certain other building automation systems, turnstiles can provide a way to streamline traffic and provide the inherent protection your business needs.


  • Turnstiles can be integrated into your building access control system
    Most turnstiles are fully compatible with major card reader and access control technology. This integration allows for rules of entry to then be configured for both employee and visitor access. Also, most mechanical and optical turnstiles have effective tailgate-control capabilities. Optical turnstiles provide tailgate detection with sensors that are set to allow one person to enter for each valid ID used. You can detect, deter and report on attempts to enter without a valid card or by tailgating behind authorized personnel.
  • Use turnstiles for lobby traffic control and visitor management
    The days of using paper systems to record visitor traffic are becoming a thing of the past, especially considering that visitor management can be automated and integrated. Turnstiles can be fitted with multiple card readers to handle employee and visitor traffic separately. One scenario for managing visitors is to have them register and receive badges with special barcodes embedded that will expire at a set time. When the badges expire, visitors can simply throw them away. Alternatively, some turnstiles can be fitted with card-collectors to identify and keep one- time use visitor badges.

Building Security Systems Integration

Building Security Integration Consider Lenel’s OnGuard® application suite for your standalone security system needs or deploy in any combination of products to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution for:
  • Access Control
  • Digital Video surveillance
  • Employee & Visitor Management
  • Intrusion Detection

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