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Complete Building Security Systems

If your business is considering implementing a new or upgraded security system, there are many questions that should be answered before you purchase a single piece of equipment or software. A thorough evaluation of known or potential threats will help to identify areas of vulnerability. An assessment of operational practices that considers things like how employees and visitors access the property and building(s) should be closely reviewed. By understanding current practices and determining necessary policies and controls going forward, decisions can be made on the best options for accurate identification and controlled access at each security point. Also, existing security software systems should be evaluated to determine the feasibility of continued use and/or if this equipment can be integrated with new products purchased. The ability to integrate existing equipment with new systems is an important ingredient in determining which systems to purchase and is likely to ultimately weigh on your satisfaction level with your new system.

i2 Security offers a full array of security system applications and provides consulting services along with sales, installation and support.arrowRight

i2 Security offers complete integration of these building security systems.

building-diagrami2 Security has been in the systems integration business for over two decades. We represent best of breed manufacturers and have the expertise to provide integration of building security and subsystems. True Integration allows the user to access multiple security applications such as Access Control, Video Surveillance, Visitor Management and Perimeter Parking Control with navigation through a single user interface and one common database.





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IDenticard lenel

Building Security Systems Integration

Building Security Integration Consider Lenel’s OnGuard® application suite for your standalone security system needs or deploy in any combination of products to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution for:
  • Access Control
  • Digital Video surveillance
  • Employee & Visitor Management
  • Intrusion Detection

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Below is a sampling of some of the products that i2 Security offers:

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