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Testimonials/Success Stories

St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital
St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh, NY was experiencing many issues with a competing manufacturers parking revenue product after they opened their new parking garage in 2007. They were also not satisfied with the level of support and so after looking at alternatives, a decision was made to change out their system and go with Time & Parking Controls and the WPS Parking Revenue Control System. The new system would provide a more efficient central pay solution with faster and more efficient throughput while reducing system downtime and significantly improving their clients overall parking experience.
Alan Southwell oversees the day to day operation of the parking at St Luke’s and offered these comments on the hospitals overall experience since the changeover.
“In July of 2009 we switched over to WPS (Worldwide Parking Solutions) equipment with Time & Parking Controls doing the install. The crew from Time & Parking Controls was a pleasure to work with and have been very supportive since. Our original equipment used Magnetic Stripe Technology and we had constant problems with the pay stations not being able to read the tickets. The WPS system uses Bar Code technology which virtually eliminates ticket read errors. Another big advantage of this system is the ability of our customers to be able to pay by credit card at the exit gates. The WPS system is expandable with various options for revenue control.
Since startup we have had very few mechanical or programming issues with the new system. Any issues we’ve had have been efficiently resolved by the folks at Time & Parking Controls.  All in all, this equipment has required much less maintenance and is much easier for our patrons to use. I would highly recommend WPS equipment for any parking structure install”.
St. Lukes Hospital Parking


Redner’s Warehouse Markets is a food retail company that operates 50+ warehouse markets and Quick Shoppe convenience stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Redner’s needed to replace their existing time & attendance system with an enterprise system for all of their supermarkets, warehouses and corporate facility. The chosen system would need to be able to handle payroll from an enterprise wide perspective along with allowing the flexibility to handle many varied flexible scheduling needs and payroll rule requirements.Redner’s was also looking to work with a company that had experience in deploying a large project based implementation strategy across many locations, all with their own unique requirements.
A “train the trainer” implementation strategy was developed allowing an internal rollout of store installations. Lori Brauer, Redner’s System Administrator with responsibility for maintaining and rolling out the Infotronics Enterprise Time Management System says “We selected Time & Parking Controls Infotronics Time & Attendance System because it is a high end enterprise system with an easy to use Microsoft look and feel. The product and support has been nothing but exceptional from the start. Since implementing the software, our locations are reporting an improvement in productivity, labor distribution and reporting. The ease of weekly payroll process is a welcome improvement for all our users.”

test3Thomas Colace & Sons is a 4th generation produce company that has made the tomato business their landmark. Today, they provide fruits and produce including over 50 million pounds of Tomato’s annually to clients along the eastern seaboard.Fil and Tom Colace had outgrown their Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia facility and recently made the move to a larger more strategically located facility in Thorofare, NJ. Security for the facility was at the top of their list of core system needs from the standpoint of food safety, productivity and efficiency.

Fil Colace turned to Time & Parking Controls as a proven vendor that he knew from experience he could count on. “I chose Time & Parking Controls because we have a longstanding history that has always given me very good service on other technology products that we have purchased in the past” said Fil Colace. Time & Parking Controls finished implementing Secured Access Controls and Video Surveillance systems at the new plant early this year. Fil Colace feels he got his money’s worth stating “the video surveillance system has exceeded our expectations in coverage and clarity.” He added “the Identicard Security system has more capability than we thought we were getting.


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Time & Parking Controls completed installation of a parking Access Revenue System in the newly constructed 642 space, four story parking garage at Shore Memorial Hospital in Southern New Jersey.

Time & Parking Controls Honored by Pennsylvania Parking Association at 2010 Annual Conference

Time & Parking Controls Sponsors/hosts Parking Controls Systems Conference At the National Constitution Center

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